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If you were in New Hampshire in the late 1980’s, there’s a good chance you saw some of my earliest work, which included performances in “Jem and the Holograms,” “Marvel-Meets-DC” with Katie as “Rogue/Jubilee,” and “The Olympics”--all of which were performed in my front yard. Those were gripping tales of good and evil…of triumph over adversity…of Jem, singing with the Holograms.

I spent my youth performing in plays around New England. At my first audition ever, I was cast as Annie in “Annie.” (I subsequently discovered that does not happen at all auditions.) 

I graduated from Harvard, and now I work in TV and film. As an actress, I've appeared on JustifiedWeeds, Community, Chuck, Cooper Barrett's Guide to Surviving Life, and Showtime's I'm Dying Up Here, as well as in several independent films, commercials, and comedy sketches for The Fine Brothers, Funny or Die, and Morgan Spurlock's Mansome

Along the way, I realized there were stories I wanted to tell, and I began writing and directing. As a writer, I made the 2017 Young & Hungry list. I've developed comedy series with IFC, ABC, and Warner Brothers, and I have a series in development with Blue Ribbon Content. 2014 brought the debut of the multi-award-winning festival short THE REAL TRUTH BEHIND THE REAL TRUE STORY, which I co-wrote and produced with filmmaker Mike Piccirillo, and in which I play Marty McKeever. This year, we are releasing the feature dramedy THE THING BEFORE THE THING.

As a director, I made 2016’s LONE DOUCHE and 2017’s DISCARD, which played at festivals across the US. I was recruited to direct pilot presentations for BRYAN CALLEN SAVES THE WORLD, starring The Goldbergs' Bryan Callen, and for CLEAN SLATE starring Finnish stand-up comedian Ismo Leikola.

My 2018 short HAVE IT ALL was a finalist for HBO's Insider Comedy Short Competition at the Women In Comedy Festival and one of 15 films selected for the NBCU Short Film Competition. It won the Jury Prize for Best Narrative Short in the Napa Valley Film Festival as well as many other accolades. I was one of ten women in the inaugural class of NBC's Female Forward initiative to fast-track female directors into episodic television, and have since directed the NBC comedy AP Bio and multiple episodes of NBC's new comedy Perfect Harmony.

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